Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quotes and passages

I seem to have inherited a notebook that belonged to my mother. In it she wrote down quick thoughts or quotes that she found meaningful. I've found she liked to describe unnamed people. To me these are snapshots that she took as she moved through life.

"A person who puts people under the obligation to attest to her niceness."

"Someone who enters, talking, switching on bright lights as he goes."

"The stance of one perpetually braced for a burden . . ."

"A woman has uncanny ability for sensing when talk is tending towards what is of no interest to her--or is threatening--and forestalls."

"Man going into hardware store--bad hip--GM retiree?--has a beautiful new car. I'm glad for him."

"Man walking--looks embarrassed to be seen, especially by women."

"Man who's beaten in an argument with a woman--looks bewildered--cheated--as if something critical has been overlooked, a mistake has been made."

"Scrubbed, smiling American ladies who are merciless and uncompromising."

"Strange woman walks up to fat girl eating ice cream cone with friends, snatches her cone and throws it away."

Don't be surprised if some of these turn up in a book of mine.

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