Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicon Day 3

Saturday started out early with a panel on men writing female characters and ended late at night with Anne Lyle and a discussion about gender and sexuality. It really seems to be the theme of the con for me.

Much of what happened yesterday already seems like a blur, but here are some highlights. I got to meet Carol Berg a second time. There was a great panel on character building. I found out the red line was under construction but nevertheless got to the north side for a fantastic dinner with a friend, who just happens to teach writing.

The con has been great for studying the elements of a novel in ways that help writers think about our own process and our own assumptions. Eventually, working all of this out will bring about stronger, better work. I refer to worldbuilding, plotting, characters, the presentation of gender and sexuality, and pacing. To any writer who is trying to decide whether to attend a con, I recommend it - even if you are shy like myself,

More thoughts tomorrow.

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