Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week's Jo Fletcher Books Giveaway: The City's Son by Tom Pollock!

Important notice: I am still searching for one of my winners. The user known as Ally r won a copy of Irenicon by Aidan Harte!

This week's Jo Fletcher Books giveaway is a trade paperback copy of The City's Son by Tom Pollock! I'm very excited about this one because my son loves it. But you don't have to believe him - look at this starred review from Publisher's Weekly!

*"Glittering and gritty . . . Gorgeously written and brimming with bizarre urban creatures, this darkly imagined and sometimes painful tale should delight fans of Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, and Holly Black."

Running away from her traitorous best friend and her distant father, teenage graffiti artist Beth Bradley is looking for a new home. What she finds is Filius, the ragged crown prince of London’s underworld—a place where glassy spiders steal voices on telephone wires, railwraiths terrorize the train tubes, and deadly scaffwolves stalk the shadows.

Reach, the malign god of demolition, is on a rampage, destroying the creatures of hidden London to lay claim to the skyscraper throne. Caught up in helping Filius raise an alleyway army to battle Reach, Beth soon forgets her old life. But when the enemy claims her best friend, Beth must choose between the acceptance she finds in the streets and the life she left behind.

I think Skyscraper Throne is a great name for a series. There are lots of fantastical thrones out there, from my own Petal Throne to George R R Martin's Iron Throne. So I have an idea. Name your own fantasy/SF throne to enter this contest.

On Friday I will pull out one of my many-sided dice and roll up a winner. The winner will email his/her/hir address (I hope) to Mazarkis (dot) Williams (at) gmail (dot) com and shortly thereafter receive his/her/hir copy.

Good luck!


This contest has now ended. We had some great throne ideas! The winner is Johann Pollard! Congratulations! Please sending your snail mail info to mazarkis (dot) williams (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Throne of the Fluffy Bunny Slippers (still waiting to see this one!)

  2. the choco throne


  3. the Blood-Ring Throne

  4. The Copper Throne (just because there are so many Iron ones...)

  5. The Throne of Necrobane, the seat of the Zombie Lord Vermis Mactabilis.

  6. The Devil's Backbone. I imagine this throne to look like it's made of ivory bones, only black. The chair would be in the shape of a humanoid shaped demon body. The head would tower over the person seated like a helmet (the lower jaw portion would be gone, and it would give the illusion that the person sitting in the seat was in fact talking). The vertebrae along the back of the seat would be sharp, like the blades of GRRM's Iron throne. And, if an unworthy individual chooses to rest their exterior, the chair has been known to resonate a demonic aura and the arms enclose on the person, crushing them. The blood would then soak into the ivory bones and feed the evil ominous power within. (I hope this type of throne counts as an entry.)

  7. The Mercury Throne

    Shrouded in myth, the Throne is made of an unknown material, and enchanted by the adepts of the fallen Orelandi Empire. The Throne changes its shape to suit those who would sit on it. It is said the Throne reflects not only the past and present of she who would sit on it, but also her future...

  8. My serious answers: Jus Cathedra or The Prism.

    My fun answer: Rectum Catchum

  9. The Throne of Dangerous Vegetables


  10. The Throne of Bloody Truth

    The throne magically raises an inch every time the person seated in it tells a lie or makes a biased judgement. The ceiling is 10 feet high and covered in spikes.

  11. The Throne Of A Thousand Souls

  12. Throne of Unread Magical Manuscripts =)))

  13. The Throne of Tears.

    It's pointy and uncomfortable, so you end up crying.

    And of course it's covered in the tears of my enemies.

  14. The Throne of the Flayed ones

    Twitter- @RomeoKMusic

  15. The Throne of the Ancient Kitty-Cat


  16. The Throne of Regret


  17. The Throne of Death and Thunder Ice Cream!