Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Fat Giveaway Winners!

Thank you for participating in a text-based contest. I know it's so 90s, and that it's not easy for everyone to put their writing out there. So thank you.

Everybody won, so the only reason I got the dice out was to see who got first choice on their book preferences. If I assigned you a book you simply don't want, let me know and we'll talk.

Addresses get sent to  Mazarkis dot Williams at gmail dot com. Otherwise I cannot mail your book!

Jo Fletcher Books Tower Broken hardback

Paul Weimer
Jared Rosner

Night Shade Books Tower Broken hardback

Tim Gorman
Richard Auffrey

Jo Fletcher Books Tower Broken trade paperback

Tim Roane

Night Shade Books Knife Sworn hardback

Doug Sturtevant
Andy Paul
Ambitious but Rubbish
Margo-Lea Hurwicz
Lisa Herrick
Tracey Erickson

Jo Fletcher Books Knife Sworn hardback

Charlie Hopkins - at least I think I can find one for you. Surprise! As far as your second entry, I am out of hardbacks so email me.

Jo Fletcher Books Knife Sworn trade paperback

Ashley Jordan
Kay Taylor Rea

Jo Fletcher Books Knife Sworn paperback


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Big Fat, Better than Anything, (US only) Bigger than Your Head Giveaway

This giveaway has now ended! Thank you.

"No-one - priest, scholar, or king - knew who or what had drawn the stone from the mountain and shaped it into an arch. It had been standing on high for hundreds of years before the godhouse was built below. Perhaps thousands. Its origins were no longer considered as important as its message, a warning that in sunlight gleamed for miles and in starlight flashed and sparkled. For beyond the arch solid mountain sheered off to a mist, shielding both sight and sound. The Edge of the World." More on that later.

So from my overflowing boxes I have pulled out the following to give away:

  • 2 Jo Fletcher Books (UK edition) Tower Broken hardbacks
  • 2 Jo Fletcher Books (UK edition) Tower Broken trade paperbacks
  • 2 Night Shade Books (US edition) Tower Broken hardbacks
  • 8 Night Shade Books (US edition) Knife Sworn hardbacks
  • 4 Jo Fletcher Books (UK edition) Knife Sworn paperbacks
  • 2 Jo Fletcher Books (UK edition) Knife Sworn trade paperbacks

That's twenty books! TWENTY!! That has to be the biggest, big fat, better than anything, bigger than your head giveaway ever. (Even though unfortunately my wallet can afford only to send within the U.S.)

"But how do I win?"

Here's how to win. In the comments below, write the next paragraph to my unfinished story from 1998. Since it's impossible for me to choose the BEST answer, I will have to choose randomly. In your comment, please indicate which book you would prefer to win.

Good luck!