Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Week's Giveaway: Double-Duty The Vampire Shrink Paperback & Blood Therapy Trade Paperback!

 This week is double duty with two (2) Lynda Hilburn books! The Vampire Shrink and Blood Therapy are here for you to win! What if you were a psychologist and your clients thought they were vampires?

Kismet Knight is a young psychologist with a growing clinical practice, and she's always looking for something to give her the edge in her chosen career. When her new client turns out to be a Goth teenager who desperately wants to become a vampire, Kismet is inspired to become the vampire shrink, offering her services to people who believe they are undead. Kismet herself, as a scientist, knows it's hokum, but she's looking at it in a purely psychoanalytic light, already imagining the papers she's going to write on this strange subculture.

That's until she meets the leader of a vampire coven, a sexy, mysterious man who claims to be a powerful 800-year-old vampire, and she is pulled into a whirlwind of inexplicable events that start her questioning everything she once believed about the paranormal.

OK to enter this week's contest, please come up with a name and personality for a vampire! On Friday I will roll my die and choose a winner. The winner will please please send me his/her/hir mailing info to

Mazarkis (dot) Williams (at) gmail (dot) com,

and the wonderful Nicola Budd at Jo Fletcher Books will then send his/her/hir copies! Easy!

Previous winners who have not yet claimed their books:

Ally r (Irenicon)
Johann Pollard (City's Son)

Follow the instructions above to get your copies!

Thanks and good luck!


This competition is now closed. The winner is Roger Bellini! Congratulations!


  1. Now living under the guise of a Merken, he was once known as the historical figure "Sir Walter Reigh." In 1594 he traveled to South America in search of El Dorado, and he found it! However, the cities gifts did not come without price. Upon entering El Dorado, a city the locals wouldn't dare enter, he found a tree that oozed water from within. Half starved from his journey, he sipped the liquid ravenously, not noticing that it turned to blood within him until it was too late to stop. He'd contracted vampirism, an ancient curse inflicted on those who dare drink the ancient tree of life. He then returned to England and was imprisoned for allegedly conspiring to overthrow King James I. Within prison, he began to pass his curse along, creating a dark circle of vampires loyal only to him. Once they'd been given the curse, they would fake their deaths and be buried until he was ready to don his thrown as the God of a new world he sought to build. In 1616 he was finally released from prison and sanctioned with returning to "find" El Dorado yet again. He then went out to to rediscover the city and pull from it any secrets he could about what he'd become, and what more he could evolve to be. However, his second trip was not fruitful. The city seemed to have moved, without sign of how. The villagers of the towns where all found burned, molten unrecognizable flesh, but the towns remained without a sign that a fire had spread there. He left this trip vexed and returned to England. While traveling, he concocted a plan to fake his own death. Years had passed and he hadn't aged, it was a necessity for him to fall before his new state gave reason for alarm. In 1618 he successfully faked an execution. After doing so, he then brought forth his undead followers and traveled the world in search of secrets that might give him power. Merken now rests in subways throughout North America, whispering his evil gospel and communing in darkness with his followers, who not dwell in nearly every major city in the world. He's close to the secret he needs to find to finally make his move... The day of man ruling are numbered, and the city o gold will rise from their the blood of their corpses.

    Roger Bellini

  2. Izzy- a klutzy vampire that knocks things over and runs into things


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